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IPL 2019 (12th Season) : Cricket Match Time Table

Teams Nick Name
Chennai Super Kings : CSK
Rajasthan Royals : RR
Kolkata Knight Riders : KKR
Kings XI Punjab : KXIP
Delhi Capitals : DC
Mumbai Indians : MI
Sunrisers Hyderabad : SRH
Royal Challengers Bangalore : RCB
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Match Chart
Match No.DateTeamA vs TeamBTime (IST)Place
123-03-2019CSK vs RCB20:00Chennai
224-03-2019KKR vs SRH16:00Kolkata
324-03-2019MI vs DC 20:00Mumbai
425-03-2019RR vs KXIP20:00Jaipur
526-03-2019DC vs CSK20:00Delhi
627-03-2019KKR vs KXIP20:00Kolkata
728-03-2019RCB vs MI20:00Bengaluru
829-03-2019SRH vs RR20:00Hyderabad
930-03-2019KXIP vs MI16:00Mohali
1030-03-2019DC vs KKR20:00Delhi
1131-03-2019SRH vs RCB16:00Hyderabad
1231-03-2019CSK vs RR20:00Chennai
1301-04-2019KXIP vs DC20:00Mohali
1402-04-2019RR vs RCB20:00Jaipur
1503-04-2019MI vs CSK20:00Mumbai
1604-04-2019DC vs SRH20:00Delhi
1705-04-2019RCB vs KKR20:00Bengaluru
1806-04-2019CSK vs KXIP16:00Chennai
1906-04-2019SRH vs MI20:00Hyderabad
2007-04-2019RCB vs DC16:00Bengaluru
2107-04-2019RR vs KKR20:00Jaipur
2208-04-2019KXIP vs SRH20:00Mohali
2309-04-2019CSK vs KKR20:00Chennai
2410-04-2019MI vs KXIP20:00Mumbai
2511-04-2019RR vs CSK20:00Jaipur
2612-04-2019KKR vs DC20:00Kolkata
2713-04-2019MI vs RR16:00Mumbai
2813-04-2019KXIP vs RCB20:00Mohali
2914-04-2019KKR vs CSK16:00Kolkata
30014-04-2019SRH vs DC20:00Hyderabad
3115-04-2019MI vs RCB20:00Mumbai
3216-04-2019KXIP vs RR20:00Mohali
3317-04-2019SRH vs CSK20:00Hyderabad
3418-04-2019DC vs MI20:00Delhi
3519-04-2019KKR vs RCB20:00Kolkata
3620-04-2019RR vs MI16:00Jaipur
3720-04-2019DC vs KXIP20:00Delhi
3821-04-2019SRH vs KKR16:00Hyderabad
3921-04-2019RCB vs CSK20:00Bengaluru
4022-04-2019RR vs DC20:00Jaipur
4123-04-2019CSK vs SRH20:00Chennai
4224-04-2019RCB vs KXIP20:00Bengaluru
4325-04-2019KKR vs RR20:00Kolkata
4426-04-2019CSK vs Mi20:00Chennai
4527-04-2019RR vs SRH16:00Jaipur
4628-04-2019DC vs RCB20:00Delhi
4728-04-2019KKR vs MI20:00Kolkata
4829-04-2019SRH vs KXIP20:00Hyderabad
4930-04-2019RCB vs RR20:00Bengaluru
5001-05-2019CSK vs DC20:00Chennai
5102-05-2019MI vs SRH20:00Mumbai
5203-05-2019KXIP vs KKR20:00Mohali
5304-05-2019DC vs RR16:00Delhi
5404-05-2019RCB vs SRH20:00Bengaluru
5505-05-2019KXIP vs CSK16:00Mohali
5605-05-2019MI vs KKR20:00Mumbai
Qualifier107-05-2019MI vs CSK19:30Chennai
Eliminator108-05-2019DC vs SRH19:30Vishakapatnam
Qualifier210-05-2019- vs -19:30Vishakapatnam
Final12-05-2019- vs -19:30Hyderabad
Note: We have tried to maintain accuracy of the time-table but for compelte accuracy and updation, you must visit to the IPL Website.