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Q1. Who is the father of Aamir Khan in Dhoom3 Movie?

A. Jackie Shroof
B. Anil Kapoor
C. Boman Irani
D. Kailash Chandra

Q2. Salman Khan acted in Which movie?

A. Roja
B. Dabaang
C. Darr
D. Zameer

Q3. Who is the CoFounder of Facebook?

A. Steve Jobs
B. Bill Gates
C. Mark Zuckerberg
D. Jeff Bozes

Q4. Who is the Captain of Indian Cricket 20-20 Team?

A. Rohit Sharma
B. M S Dhoni
C. Gautam Gambhir
D. Virat Kohli

Q5. Which is the Australia's National Game?

A. Cricket
B. Polo
C. Rugby
D. Tennis

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