Terms and Conditions

Joofers is an Online Gifts and Coupons Website Platform for playing Quiz & Puzzles. It's a platform to promote any physical shop in the form of their offers, coupons and surprise gifts. It's a Physical Coupon and Gift site where if user subscribe any coupon or win any gift then he/she take a screen shot of the coupon/gift details with its Code and go to physical shop, show the coupon/gift screenshot to shopkeeper and avail the offer or gift. All the Products of any company or gifts which are uploaded on the is uploaded with the permissions of shopkeepers and on behalf of shopkeepers. We are not uploaded personally, its completely shopkeepers choice and we are not forcing and bounding them to upload any product of any company. If any shopkeeper upload any product of any company on the and any user subscribe any coupon from the and win any gift on then it means they are liable to accept all our terms and conditions. We are only a Promotional Website to promote Local Shops with their permissions. Currently we are providing this service only in Jodhpur City, Rajasthan, India. Later we will extend it.
Enjoy Gifts and Offers.


Joofers is an Online Gifts and Coupons Website Platform for playing Quiz & Puzzles. Images are used from many sources which are only for presentation and spreading education, these are not used to sell and for commercial purpose. We have tried to give the correct information in all blogs and other pages but for compelte and missing information, you must visit their official websites. If any category like Music Director etc has multiple names in movie etc then here you see only single name. To find full name list, Please visit their official websites. Images and information on this platform are only for education purpose not for commercial purpose. We are providing Physical Shops Coupons with offers and Surprise Gifts for quiz winners on this online medium with their permissions. We are not selling any product on our platform for anyone. Joofers is a kind of platform where many of shopkeepers upload their coupons and gifts for puzzle for their promotins. They are uploading their stuff on their own experience and knowledge. They are keen to promote their shops with our users. We have given only an online platform to them where they can share their promotional stuff. These uploaded stuff is not belong to Joofers and FAB Fashions. We are not responsible for their stuff. We are only helping shopkeepers in terms of promotions. We are not liable to any shopkeeper/company and user/customer for any kind of damage, loss, injury, claim as a result of using any product, gift, coupon or any policy of selling and promotions on this website. Using this website is their own decision for both Shopkeepers, company, Customers, Users and Promoters. We are not forcing or bounding anyone to upload their stuff and products on the website and play any quiz, puzzle to win the gift or subscribe any coupon. Currently we are providing this service only in Jodhpur City, Rajasthan, India. Later we will extend it.
Note : We have a right to terminate or reject any coupon or gift from our side and you will accept this termination and rejection.
Note : Only one coupon or one gift will be applicable to one user once per number.
Note : Coupon or Gift Validity : 2 Working Days from the date of generation.
Note : If any user win a gift then he/she will be applicable after 15 days for new gift either he/she will win a quiz too. It will terminate automatically.
Enjoy Gifts and Offers.

Poll and Survey Disclaimer

We are running Poll and Survey pages on website according to current activites like IPL, Filmfare etc. It is only for fun,current information updation for users and promotions of our physical shops. We are not involve in any wrong activites and we do not have any contact with bad peoples who do wrong and illegal activities. It's only for fun and we will give a surprie gift like Deodrant, Movie Tickets etc to lucky winner for our shop promotion. All the prediction are not 100% true. It's purely based on users interests.