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Top 5 Highest Wicket Taker Bowlers in World Cup Cricket

Date: 22May2019
World Cup Cricket 2019 England Wales
World Cup is the biggest tournament in cricket history. Every country wants to win it at least once in a life time. Every player wants to win at least once in his cricket career. Bowlers are the main weapons of every team. Many bowlers performed great in all World Cup. West Indies bowlers were great in 1970 era. They were known as killer machine. Bowlers like Kapil Dev, Wasim Akram, Waqar Yonus, Shane Warne, Zahir Khan, C Ambrose, C Walsh and many more are the greatest bowlers of all time and they all performed great in World Cup Tournament too. Macgrath is the number one bowler of World Cup Cricket history. He has taken 71 wickets in only 39 matches with the best average of 18.20. Murlitharan is the best spin bowler from Sri Lanka. He has taken 68 wickets in his world cup matches. Many bowlers have taken numbers of wickets for their team and country. We are giving you the top 5 highest wicket taker bowler in World Cup Cricket Tournament. They are following:

Top 5 Highest Wicket Taker Bowlers in World Cup Cricket
S.NoBowlerCountryWicketsMatchesAvg.Best5 Wkts
1Glen MacgrathAustralia713918.207/152
2M MurlitharanSri Lanka684019.604/190
3Wasim AkramPakistan553823.755/281
4C VaasSri Lanka493121.236/251
5Z KhanIndia442320.204/420
Note: We have tried to maintain accuracy of the Winner-Table List but for compelte accuracy and updation, you must visit to the Official World Cup Website.