World Cup 2019 : Cricket Match Time Table


Date: 30May2019


Afganistan - Australia - Bangladesh - England - India
New Zeland - Pakistan - South Africa - Sri Lanka - West Indies
Match Time Table
Match No.DateTeamA vs TeamBTime (IST)Place
130-05-2019England vs South Africa15:00London
231-05-2019West Indies vs Pakistan15:00Nottingham
301-06-2019New Zeland vs Sri Lanka 15:00Cardiff
401-06-2019Afganistan vs Australia18:00Bristol
502-06-2019South Africa vs Bangladesh15:00London
603-06-2019England vs Pakistan15:00Nottingham
704-06-2019Afganistan vs Sri Lanka15:00Cardiff
805-06-20199South Africa vs India15:00Southampton
905-06-2019Bangladesh vs New Zeland18:00London
1006-06-2019Australia vs West Indies15:00Nottingham
1107-06-20199Pakistan vs Sri Lanka15:00Bristol
1208-06-2019England vs Bangladesh15:00Cardiff
1308-06-2019Afganistan vs New Zeland18:00Taunton
1409-06-2019India vs Australia15:00London
1510-06-2019South Africa vs West Indies15:00Southampton
1611-06-2019Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka15:00Bristol
1712-06-2019Australia vs Pakistan15:00Taunton
1813-06-2019India vs New Zeland15:00Nottingham
1914-06-2019England vs West Indies15:00Southampton
2015-06-2019Sri Lanka vs Australia15:00London
2115-06-2019South Africa vs Afganistan18:00Cardiff
2216-06-2019India vs Pakistan15:00Manchester
2317-06-2019West Indies vs Bangladesh15:00Taunton
2418-06-2019England vs Afganistan15:00Manchester
2519-06-2019New Zeland vs South Africa15:00Birmingham
2620-06-2019Australia vs Bangladesh15:00Nottingham
2721-06-2019England vs Sri Lanka15:00Leeds
2822-06-2019India vs Afganistan15:00Southampton
2922-06-2019West Indies vs New Zeland18:00Manchester
3023-06-2019Pakistan vs South Africa15:00London
3124-06-2019Bangladesh vs Afganistan15:00Southampton
3225-06-2019England vs Australia15:00London
3326-06-2019New Zeland vs Pakistan15:00Birmingham
3427-06-2019West Indies vs India15:00Manchester
3528-06-2019Sri Lanka vs South Africa15:00Durham
3629-06-2019Pakistan vs Afganistan15:00Leeds
3729-06-2019New Zeland vs Australia18:00London
3830-06-2019England vs India15:00Birmingham
3901-07-2019Sri Lanka vs West Indies15:00Durham
4002-07-2019Bangladesh vs India15:00Birmingham
4103-07-2019England vs New Zeland15:00Durham
4204-07-2019Afganistan vs West Indies15:00Leeds
4305-07-2019Pakistan vs Bangladesh15:00London
4406-07-2019Sri Lanka vs India15:00Leeds
4506-07-2019Australia vs South Africa18:00Manchester
4609-07-2019Semi Final Ist15:00Manchester
4711-07-2019Semi Final IInd15:00Birmingham
Note: We have tried to maintain accuracy of the time-table but for compelte accuracy and updation, you must visit to the World Cup Official Website.