World Cup Cricket 2019 : India - New Zealand match called off due to rain.

India - New Zealand match called off due to rain.

Blogger Name: Mitesh Sharma

World Cup season is heavily affected by rain in the England this year. Number of matches has not been played due to rain. This time highly awaited match between India and New Zealand has got ended without any result due to rain. Both are good sides and have not lost a single match in this world cup. Viewers from both the countries were waiting to see the battle. Umpires have seen the ground and pitch multiple times to play at lest 20-20 over match, but rain has not given permission to play cricket. Finally umpires have cancelled the match. It is a nature, we cannot control it. But in the middle of the world cup it feels so bad, because world cup comes after 4 years. Both team shared one point with each other. Captain and team players has been disappointed. Weather is really not good in England. People have not seen sun from last couple of days. But players have got some days for rest and they will prepare for the next match.